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“Let the little children come to me” Jesus Christ.

Watch how  through a 21 century Joseph Company, a real life social entrepreneur solves the world’s number one social problem, 5 million children dying from malnutrition.

In 2012, this many kids around the world died from

malnutrition 15 million
car accident 830 000
drowning 175 000
home accident 2 800
cancer 2 300
abuse/neglect 1 500
gun accident 500
school shooting 23

Even though its the 21st Century,  we still have millions of children dying of malnutrition.  But I think Jesus has heard their prayers and right now more than 60 000 are being fed everyday by a 21 Century Joseph Company, or a company of provision, but they want to feed 5 million within this decade.

We are privileged to be with with a company who cares enough to provide the solution!  and we are providing the answers today! not tomorrow but today.

You (costs you $2.80 per day) + mission + us = your income (you are paid $300 per month) + help feed 15 kids + supported mission of 30 kids (paid $200 per month)

At Regional Director Level, you help 15 kids, like the soup kitchen in Africa

At National Director, you are helping 60 kids, which could be a small orphanage

At Executive Director, you help 200 kids that a community feeding program

At Presidential Director, you earn $95 000, and you help 600 kids, that’s a whole region.

We are looking for people to partner with us for immediate income with conditions met, from these countries,

USA, Australia, Austria, Czech Republic,Denmark, Estonia,Finland,Germany, United Kingdom, Hong Kong, Ireland, Japan,Korea, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, South Africa,Singapore, Sweden

 Consider becoming a Christian Social Entrepreneur to 

1.  to provide income, holidays and health to you and your loved ones

2. have purpose and direction in your life by doing good everyday

3. be confident you have done your best for your health

Missions in Western Australia, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast and Pakistan are being supported now.

Our aim to link consumers, orphans and Christians in ministry to a model that feeds them the best nutrition, and supports them financially.  We are seeing this work every day, but want this to benefit many more.  It just means instead of buying nutrition from another company, you decide to buy from us, because you know that children that are at risk of dying or being permanently stunted will benefit and any Christian ministers will too.   It can cost only as little as $3 per day to do.

Your everyday can help their everyday!!  Social Entrepreneurship is the business of the future…people want to make money while making a difference every day.  Earn Holidays, residual income, retire from the rat race and have it all while doing good for everyone. 

Want to know what to do?

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3 comments on “Mission 5 Million

  1. Nusuno Karya
    September 9, 2013

    Incredible points. Solid arguments. Keep up the great work.

  2. realnutritionpriority
    September 19, 2013

    Thank you kindly.

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