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Free Weekly Hear a Hero Calls

Every Thursday Evening you can hear how ordinary people are making an extraordinary difference like helping the kids in the Philippine disaster, without costing you any extra time or money!!!

Great New Themes every week. Invite your friends.

“This was an amazing project that has ever been made! As I was handling a children’s Ministry in our church, I can understand the aim of this business! It was really a big help to all children’s in need and at the same time helping the people who was helping! I know God did this for more big purposes! God bless more.”  (from the Philippines, 25th July,2013)

What if you could change YOUR world and change THE world at the same time?
What would you like to change about your personal world? the bills, the mortgage, the school fees, lack of holidays? lack of time? the commute? not enough quality time with your family? sick and tired of being sick and tired?  lack of purpose?
Plus get to help us save 5 million children who are dying every year from malnutrition! and be rewarded!
We answer those questions and look at how to overcome the odds.
Thank you, and register your email address!God bless and please share!

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