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Its with a happy and excited heart that we introduce to you this amazing page of opportunities to do God’s Work.  Since connecting with one ministry in Pakistan reaching out to orphans and schooling them in christian schools, some other ministries have been in contacted us to help them get more support for the great work they are doing.

The good news is that God loves them and hears their prayers for help, and that we have the perfect vehicle to help them that doesn’t cost one individual much at all.   So please keep in mind how you were directed here to read about these ministries, maybe its that God is speaking to you about being involved.

You (costs you $2.80 per day) + mission + us = your income (you are paid $300 per month) + help feed 15 kids + supported mission of 30 kids (paid $200 per month)

At Regional Director Level, you help 15 kids, like the soup kitchen in Africa, you earn $150 upwards

At National Director, you are helping 60 kids, which could be a small orphanage,

At Executive Director, you help 200 kids that a community feeding program

At Presidential Director, you earn $95 000, and you help 600 kids, that’s a whole region.

Please see the presentation below.

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One comment on “ministry opportunities

  1. karuna sagar
    December 7, 2013

    Praise the lord,
    i am karuna sagar from india i have a non-profit organization name GOOD SHEPHERD EDUCATIONAL it is useful for me to my it is online job?

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