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Care of Orphans in Pakistan

children from an orphanage in PakistanGreetings in the beloved name of our Jesus Christ.

This is Waqas Arshad from Pakistan and we are sharing with you that we are happy and thanking God for choose us for helping the orphan and for winning the souls for His kingdom.  Life is very short to complete His work because we believe that last days of coming back of our beloved Jesus Christ are very near to us.

Job 29:12 “Because I delivered the poor who cried for help and the fatherless who had none to help him”.

In this country Pakistan by our personal research Pakistani people are 175,000,000 and 30% children under 5 are underweight for their age due to malnutrition. Our main Goal to reach to those places where we have seen lots of children who are under care of the people who don’t help them a lots and these children very far from the formal educations and the religion education. Our main focus for those children who have abilities to do something in their lives in studying and in work after study, and that’s the main goal to start the orphanage for them. Whenever our ministry see these orphan children to play games on road and nobody respect them and just ignore them as they are came from another world then our tears trickle down for them, that’s why Passion of Christ Ministries Pakistan has thought for them to Care orphan support program.

children at an orphanage in PakistanWe thanking Lord that HE gave us opportunity to run another program “Care Orphan support program”, we have 30 orphan children who are under care of passion of Christ ministries Pakistan and as you know this organization is Non- profit organization. We are helping them with (Schooling, feeding, clothing & medically etc) and as well we are helping them with basic need of them about Bible because that’s the main duty of our being a chosen to teach them about the love of God. Each child cost of for one month is 32 $ and for 30 orphan cost is 960 $.  We helping them with our pocket monies and some of our friends helping us with our need are locals.

We are looking for the monthly basis help from God and we have believe and faith in God that HE will be provide us our need as He promise that HE will with us till the end of the world and HE Said Seek and you will find.

We know that God always has His own plan for us and He will have a good plan for us be in good friendship for His work of kingdom among with you.

children at Passion of Christ Ministries

Some beautiful but disabled children waiting for assistance via M5M. One needs a wheel chair so they can get on with their life!

Please join your hands with us in serving love for our orphan support and helping to these children with your token of love and children always remember your love in their daily prayers. Amen Many blessings from Pakistan
Brother in Christ “Waqas Arshad”

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