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chook,fraser,cubby 009Approximately 3 years ago a good friend of mine came across some great glyconutrition products. She told me about the products and the company and I was curious. My husband had recently hurt his back leaving him with a bulging disc, muscle spasms and muscles that were so tight he constantly had headaches. Julia gave me some product for him to try and after a couple of weeks he had a marked improvement. I tried some more of the products and quite like them I noticed a difference with my energy and general well being. I still wasn’t convinced though.
Fast forward a year and half later. I was taking the product inconsistently and so I thought that they didn’t make much of a difference. We then decided to travel around Australia. I wouldn’t have a mailing address so I went to my local health food store and bought some Herbs of Gold womens multi vitamin suppliment. I was still tired and felt run down from all the travelling. These multiviamins did nothing for me.
We soon got to Brian and Julia’s house. We talked about their products again and Julia mentioned that someone tried cooking their multivitamins. I wanted to do it . I grabbed my last common shop bought suppliment that I had gotten my husband (which he absolutely hated the taste of) and we set off to cooking our multivitamins on the BBQ. Julia was also kind enough to donate one of her products to the cause.
The results were astonishing to say the least and somewhat sickening. The shop bought multis had us gasping for fresh air. Even though we had undertaken this experiment outside, the air was toxic. The glyconutritional products just smelt like burnt wholemeal toast. I was now convinced. I was quickly back on the 5 core products and the difference is huge. I am healthy and rarely even catch a cold, I have energy and with the help of the products, I am currently preparing for my first half marathon. I love the product and love the company. They are both second to none.  (Nicole and Ian Cameron, Western Australia)

pro-shot-of-BrianI’ve had migraines most of my life, suffering up to 3 days of intense pain and vomiting.
Then I decided to take these great products by Mannatech. Now there is a difference in my health.
I first noticed a big improvement after 8 to 10 months. The pain in my head rarely returned. If I
do feel a headache coming on, I just take one panadol, lie down for half an hour, and then I am ok
and I can get on with my day. It’s a big difference to before. Brian Corradetti.

Its been amazing. My daughter first introduced the products from her global homebusiness to me 2 years ago. Back then I was suffering from terrible times of low immunity, bowel dysfunction and not much energy. Then I decided to take the best range she had. Since then I made remarkable recovery from bowel dysfunction, poor sleep, constant bladder infections, low energy and incredible fast recovery from my recent knee replacement. I will never not take my products. (Ursula Wiethoff, 89 yrs)

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