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Aid to the Phillipines, Nov 13

Aid to the Phillipines, Nov 13

“This was an amazing project that has ever been made! As I was handling a children’s Ministry in our church, I can understand the aim of this business! It was really a big help to all children’s in need and at the same time helping the people who was helping! I know God did this for more big purposes! God bless more.”  (from the Philippines, 25th July,2013)

“I’ve experienced it myself, on the Advanced Ambrotose OSP Combo & Omega 3 with Vitamin D 4 two months now & can feel the difference. Would like to introduce it to an institution St Joseph RC Home Hospital working with terminally ill Children which includes cancer TB aids burns etc. It can change the lives of these kids.” (from South Africa, 8th June, 2013)  

 ” I am delighted to know that this site and wonderful people work the works of God and to help others is one of them, these poor kids rely on elders and often are not their parents or families who provides the necessary but not important is where you come if you do not get them so cute i congratulate you work and tell me if i can or i can help yourself now i wishing the best luck in the world and do not stop to Jesus, my greetings and again my congratulation” (from USA, 31st May, 3013)

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