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Years ago (1996) I worked for a boss and pay and myself part time.  I was frustrated I couldn’t do more for God out of my own hands.  I didn’t think I was doing enough, so I said to God, I am going into full time ministry to serve You.  That was ok, I was full time with Youth with a Mission and guess what! I was still frustrated! this time I wanted to be back in the church and workforce.  But you know what?  I’m finding out that God loves you and the desires of your heart! So He guided me into the perfect business as a mission venture yet!!  I am not frustrated and in love with God more than ever as He knows what is good.
I am very excited to tell you that a little while ago in 2008 I started a home business in Mandurah Western Australia, on the side. Now it is expanding rapidly into regional Australia and overseas, its retired my husband, bought income to very poor people and health and hope to many people.  I don’t know where I would be without my income and health from our home business.  But it wasn’t always like that.
Back in 2008, as a mother, bus driver, home renovator and home church leader, I didn’t have much time to myself, but I was able to start my first serious network marketing home business with Mannatech. I was able to start a number of customers and within the first year I managed to progress to the first recognition level of Regional Director, with the loving support of my husband, Brian. This level enabled me to get my products for free and help others do likewise.
Then I was able to move back to my home state of Queensland, eastern Australia, and continue working with my home business, without trouble, as it was fully transferable. After some perseverance I was able to start work with my first two business leaders, Nicole and Debbie, who decided to join me in making their dreams come true. Now we are all working to retire our husbands and pay the mortgages off, and travel to some exotic locations as part of our company’s reward system. It costs me virtually nothing to run my business and I have the privilege of working with my friends, by flying to WA from time to time.
Also Mannatech gives away a percentage of sales send much needed nutrition to orphanages to help nourish malnourished children. Doctors without Borders discovered that despite the fact malnourished children were being fed grain cereals from charities, they were still dying of malnourished. So Doctors without Borders asked Mannatech to intervene with their nutrition. So we feel good about our businesses too, answering the prayers of malnourished children.
Plus we have been directly able to support pastors and missionaries.  We are very excited about how in Pakistan, the New Life Ministry has been able to plant 70 house churches in one and half years through what God is doing there and our support.  True revival is taking place.
I have always worked from home, doing various successful businesses since 1991, but it wasn’t until 2008, a person introduced me to a home business that I didn’t have to close because of raw product availability, injury and tiredness.
I’m so glad I said yes and be able to offer people like yourself an opportunity to work from home, with good friends, have fun while saving lives. My previous businesses never allowed me any of that, but my business now does.  What about you, what’s your current occupation allowing you to do?  If its frustrating you, time to do something different.

Working from home is the most environmentally friendly, tax deductible, and fun way  to work!  you are the boss, no commute, your own deadlines and how much can you help other people??   This is all about helping others.  Express your Christianity as you work from home, helping malnourished children get their nutrition, plus help any church, pastor or missionary you choose.

Together we can make the world a better place.  Right now our Global team, Christian Social Entrepreneurs are inviting applications for our team!  How would you like to be paid to do facebook? twitter? pinterest? any social media at all?  Tell us your favourite.   Have you got a dream? a big goal? or even have you been made redundant? are you frustrated with the confines of work and mission?

It’s always a good time to think about another income, to income you already have (or maybe don’t have.  Do you have some spare time, an hour or two a day to do some Facebook or write an email?   Could it be something that you can start from home, continue from home and enjoy at home.  That’s why we have begun our very first blog, and encouraging you to look around and connect with your aspirations to work from home.

There are a number of different ways you can have your work life at home and it doesn’t have to be an expensive affair, but what it does entail is a dream and some vision and some desire.

More and more people realize that with social media, mobile phones and apps there is a world that wants to connect and get the right information.  We are here to help you connect with a simple home business that can improve you finances, well being and give you time freedom.  Aren’t these the three things everybody lays awake at night thinking about?  I wish I had more money, I hope my health is ok, and I wish I had more time.

So don’t delay check out our links and blogs and see if you can’t turn some of your spare time on the net into cash.

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